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How to improve self-confidence.

Confidence Therapy

How to improve self confidence?

How to feel more confident with the help of hypnosis and counselling. To learn how to improve self confidence can be very difficult as self-confidence is the belief a person has in their own ability. If someone has high self-confidence they feel they are very capable and confident in their ability. If someone lacks confidence they believe they are incapable and are not confident in their ability.

We can lack confidence in a particular area. Maybe speaking in public, carrying out a particular task, interacting with other people and many more. We can also have a general lack of self-confidence where we doubt everything we do, say and even the way we act.

People who lack confidence can very often appear confident from the outside. They wear a mask that says I am a very confident person and no one would ever know that inside they feel so uncomfortable.

Lack of confidence can be caused by many things. It can be due to failing at something at some time. Being seen to fail can be very embarrassing and make us fear that situation again which allows those feelings of self-doubt to grow/p>

Lack of confidence can also be caused by being bullied or put down by someone, especially if this is suffered for a long period of time.

How to feel more confident with hypnotherapy?

When we are about to enter a situation where we lack confidence we become very stressed and anxious. We are so very relaxed when in a state of hypnosis that we can learn to relax ourselves very quickly and when we are relaxed we feel confident. The more relaxed we are the easier it is to become more confident

The reason why many people drink alcohol to give themselves confidence is that alcohol relaxes you.

Whilst in that lovely relaxed state autosuggestion can help us turn those negative feelings about ourselves into positive ones. Then we can start to feel more positive about ourselves and our abilities.

Whilst so relaxed we can imagine and picture ourselves in that situation where we normally lack confidence, but now feeling very confident, teaching our subconscious that there is another way we can feel that is confident and positive and so gain self-confidence.

Therapies available to feel more confident.

Therapy 1 – Straightforward hypnotherapy and counselling to improve your confidence.

This starts with a free half-hour initial session. When you come to see me for the first time we can discuss your lack of confidence and how you may gain self-confidence. There is no charge for this session which is totally confidential and you are under no obligation to continue with any therapy.

If you should decide to return for therapy an hour’s hypnotherapy session will cost £95.00 per session, any further sessions are charged at £60.00.

It may be possible to continue with either a hypnotherapy session or a counselling session directly after the first initial free consultation if requested. The fee for a counselling session is £50.00and as previously stated hypnotherapy is £95.00.

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You can also phone 07535796707 to book your confidential insomnia therapy free initial consultation session.

Therapy 2 – Online Therapy. How to feel more confident with hypnotherapy and counselling over Skype or Teams.

Hypnotherapy or counselling session to gain confidence without leaving the comfort of your home. please click here for more information.

Therapy 3 – A hypnotherapy MP3 download personalised and tailored for you to become more confident.

personalised hypnotherapy session

To start this therapy you will fill in a form explaining all about your lack of confidence and how it makes you feel etc.

From this form I write you a therapy session designed to help you with your individual confidence problem. Once I have recorded this you can download the MP3 and burn it to cd.

The price of a personalised mp3 is £115.00

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Therapy 4 – How to improve self confidence instant mp3.

Improve delf-confidence

MP3 £7.80

You can now have a downloaded this hypnotherapy session to gain self-confidence within a few minutes.

.Download this mp3 to help you build your confidence. This recording will help you become relaxed and stop worrying. It will enabled you to turn those negitive thoughts and feelings into positive ones and in general feel more confident and help you attain higher self worth.