Sex therapy

Overcoming sexual problems with the help of hypnosis

Sex Therapy


Sexual problems.

Hypnotherapy sex therapy can help overcome many types of psychological sexual problems. It is more likely that a sexual problem is psychological or may have been caused by a physical problem at the start but turned into a psychological one. Therefore, it is worth having a check-up with your G.P. before you consider other forms of sex therapy.

What causes a sex problem?

Sex is one of the most natural and instinctive emotions and acts in the world. Almost every living thing has some form of sexual activity. The problem we humans normally have is losing contact with the instinctive side of ourselves.

In some cases, something may go wrong on just one occasion. It could be caused by the person being unwell, stress or even too much alcohol. The failure to perform or to react as we would like can make us feel so bad that we get anxious about the next time. That anxiety in itself can make things go wrong again. We then believe we have a problem and what we believe will happen normally does, making overcoming sexual problems difficult.

In other cases we can be programmed from very young ages with phrases like “Go and put some clothes on that’s naughty!” “Don’t look at that it’s rude!” or “Don’t touch that it’s dirty.” In the civilised society we live in today we have to have taboos and inhabitations for safety, particularly for the young. Unfortunately, some people find it very difficult to turn off those taboos and inhabitations when the time is right.

Overcoming sexual problems with hypnotherapy sex therapy.

As sex is instinctive all we really need to do is relax and let it happen. Under hypnosis, we can learn to relax ourselves very quickly. Through positive autosuggestion, we can turn those negative feelings into more positive ones which, while being in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, can go deep into our subconscious. While being relaxed we can then learn to be in contact with our instinctive self, allowing the things we want to happen to happen. We can then start to believe that things will happen as we want them to as what we believe will happen generally does and so we can start overcoming the sexual problem.

Therapies available for Psychosexual problems

Therapy 1 – Overcoming sexual problems through live hypnosis sex therapy sessions.

The first time you come to see me you will have the opportunity to talk about your sexual problem in total confidentiality, which in itself can be very beneficial. I will answer any questions you may have and we can discuss how therapy may help you and what to expect from hypnosis sex therapy. This session also gives you a chance to see if you will be comfortable working with me. There is no charge for this session which lasts for half an hour.

When you come back for a full hypnotherapy session, I will have prepared a session designed around your specific problem. Whilst hypnotized, although feeling very relaxed, you will be fully conscious, in control, and aware. The fee for this session is £95.00, and any further sessions are charged at £60.00.

Should at the end of the first free session you feel you would like to continue at that time with a counselling session or a hypnotherapy session we can do so if I have the time free. The fee for a counselling session is £50.00 and the hypnotherapy £95.00.

Phone 07535796707 to book your free initial consultation.

Or to book your free initial appointment online click here.

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Therapy 2 – Online Teams or Skype hypnotherapy or Counselling to help overcome sexual problems.

Hypnotherapy or counselling online session to help solve psychosexual problems attacks while relaxing in your own home. Please click here for more information

Therapy 3 – A recorded hypnotherapy seesion 0n downloadable Mp3 specially tailored and personalised to your particular sexual problem.personalised hypnotherapy session

personalised hypnotherapy session

To make sure that this recording suits your sexual problem exactly, I will ask you to fill in a form telling me all about your psychosexual problems From this form I will prepare a full overcoming sexual problems hypnotherapy session and record it to MP3. I then let you know when and how to download te MP3 by email. You simply have to download it burn it to CD, or listen to it on a mp3 player and have your hypnotherapy session whenever and wherever you choose.

Recorded personalized overcoming sexual problems hypnotherapy sessions costs £115.00 for the MP3.

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To order a personalized recorded, overcoming sexual problems session and fill in a form explaining the sexual problems that you are having click here.

Therapy 4 – Instant download therapy overcoming sexual problems session on mp3.

Sex Therapy mp3

MP3 £7.80

The mp3 is instantly downloadable and can help with sexual problems, both male and female, and enhance your sex life.

This sexual problem or mp3 recording can be downloaded within a few minutes. It is a hypnotherapy session that can help you to overcome most sexual problems. By becoming more relaxed and positive about sex and sexual situations. You will also become more in touch with your instinctive self, then you will be able to just relax and allow the things you want to happen, to happen in a natural way.