Relaxation therapy

How to relax with hypnotherapy

Relaxation therapy

Hypnosis relaxation therapy?

How to relax with the help of hypnotherapy. Is it any wonder so many people find it so very hard to relax these days? We live in a world that is so fastmoving. The demands that are put on us are so great, not to mention the demands we put on ourselves. Hypnosis relaxation therapy can help us make many changes.

We are taught from a very young age that we must achieve this and we must be good at that and we must be happy all the time. The modern world is so full of stresses that we become full of stress and worries.

We therefore all need to be able to relax at times and just enjoy life and realise that most of the things that we worry about are so unimportant.

How to relax with the help of hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis relaxation therapy, being very deep relaxation, in its essence means it lends itself very nicely to helping people to relax. During hypnosis we do become very relaxed and in fact a chilled out, very relaxed feeling can last for sometime after.

While hypnotised you can learn to relax yourself very quickly, sometimes in only ten to twenty seconds. We can do this from deep relaxation or just to take the stress or anxiety out of a situation.

We can learn to give ourselves permission to relax and allow ourselves not to worry about things that are not worth worrying about

Relaxation – Therapies available.

Relaxation therapy 1 – Full live counselling and hypnotherapy how to relax sessions.

The first session will be taken up with you talking about your inability to relax and how hypnotherapy may help you. This initial consultation is free of charge and lasts half an hour. If you choose to come back for therapy, I will prepare a full hypnotherapy session for your return.

If you request to continue at the end of the first initial consultation with either a hypnotherapy session or a counselling session it may be possible to do so.

Hypnotherapy sessions are charged at £95.00 per session and counselling at £50.00 per session, both are 1 hour long, any further sessions are charged at £60.00.

To find out more about full hypnosis relaxation therapy sessions click here.

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Phone 07535796707 to book your free initial consultation.

Therapy 2 – Online Teams or Skype hypnotherapy or Counselling to help to become more relaxed.

Hypnotherapy or counselling session to help you relax, while relaxing in your own home. Please click here for more information

Relaxation therapy 3 – A fully personalized tailored hypnosis relaxation therapy session on MP3 download.

personalised hypnotherapy session

From details you give me by filling in a relaxation survey form, I will design and record a relaxing hypnotherapy session especially for you and your inability to relax.

For a recorded personalised hypnosis MP3 download for relaxation the fee is £115.00

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To fill in a form explaining how you suffer from being unable to relax and order your personalized mp3 therapy click here.

Relaxation therapy 4 – Instant hypnosis relaxation therapy mp3 download.

Relaxation Therapy mp3

MP3 £7.80

Now you can have this deeply relaxing mp3 download ready to listen to in just a few minutes. This recording can take you to a very relaxed state of mind using hypnotherapy to help you maintain a more relaxed state of mind throughout the day. In addition this also gives you a method to relax yourself whenever you may need to.