Phobia therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy to overcome phobias

Phobia Therapy

Clinical hypnotherapy for phobias.

Clinical hypnotherapy for phobias can help you overcome fear and change how you see things. Making it a very affective phobia therapy. A phobia is an irrational fear of something, somewhere, or of a situation. A fear so strong that it can control and restrict what we do and where we go and very often damages the quality of our life.

Fear is a very valuable emotion, without which we could not survive. Without fear, we would walk out of our home and straight under the first bus that comes along!

We learn fear from finding ourselves in a situation that is very unpleasant or dangerous or from someone else’s fear. To a young child, adults (especially parents and family members) are perceived as being so powerful, big, strong and clever that they know everything and are always right. They are almost like Gods to the child, therefore, if a child sees this God frightened then he feels this is indeed something to be very scared of.

The fear of something is only the embryo of the phobia from which we start to fear the feeling of fear. Long before we find ourselves in a situation where we are liable to feel fear, we become anxious about feeling that fear and as the time comes closer we become more and more anxious and frightened.

This is the fear of the fear and it is this that can make the phobia so controlling and restricting. We can start to imagine other situations where we might feel that fear and feel frightened of that situation as well and so the phobia grows.

As the fear of the fear starts sometime before the situation, the anxiety and fear have time to grow right up until the time of that situation when we will feel frightened. Therefore, when we enter that situation we will be suffering from a very heightened state of anxiety and so more likely to feel very frightened.

How can hypnosis phobia therapy help Phobias?

As it is the fear of the fear that drives the phobia, it is here that we start. When we are frightened, stressed and anxious we cannot feel relaxed and the reverse is also true. When we are relaxed we do not feel frightened, stressed or anxious. Whilst in that very relaxed state of relaxation called hypnosis, we can learn how to relax very quickly at any time, taking away fear and anxiety.


We can also use visualisation to see ourselves in that situation whilst feeling and remaining calm and so very relaxed. In this way, the subconscious learns we do not have to fear that fear in that situation, so the next time a similar situation arises we enter it in a calm and relaxed way with a much reduced state of anxiety.


Then, the next time we are going to enter that situation we know we can control the fear. In this way the fear of the fear and the fear itself dies.

Types of phobia therapy available for.

Therapy 1 – Full live clinical hypnotherapy for phobias.

When coming to see me for the first time you have the opportunity to discuss your phobia in complete confidentiality. You also have a chance to see if you feel comfortable with me and if you feel hypnotherapy may help you. This session lasts for half an hour. If you decide not to go any further there is no fee.

If you decide to come back for hypnotherapy to help with your anxiety disorder the fee will be £95.00 for about an hour session. Any further sessions if required will be charged at £60.00, each

If you choose to continue immediately after the first free session for counseling or hypnotherapy and the time is available, the fee would be £50.00 for counselling or £95.00 for hypnotherapy.

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Therapy 2 – Online Teams or Skype hypnotherapy or Counselling to eliminate your phobia

Hypnotherapy or counselling session via Teams or Skype, in the privacy of you home to overcome your phobia. please click here for more information

Therapy 3 – Phobia personalised hypnosis phobia therapy mp3 downloadable session, tailored for you.

personalised hypnotherapy session

You will receive an phobia hypnosis mp3 download tailored and personalised to your phobia. I will use the information gained by you filling in a phobia therapy form to write and record your very own hypnotherapy session which you then download.The fee for the mp3 download is £115.00.

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