What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind, a state of deep relaxation where you enter a trance. A trance sounds frightening to most people but is a very natural state. We go into a trance many times a day, whilst reading, watching television, daydreaming, even when driving a car.

Anyone can learn hypnosis although as with everything in life some people are better at it than others. There are no special powers needed and there is nothing magical or mystical about it.

Changing negative thoughts into positive ones

Although hypnosis is completely natural it can be very therapeutic by accessing the subconscious and changing negative thoughts into positive ones. And therefore help us with our everyday issues.

In fact most of us use a form of hypnosis and don’t realize it. When a child goes to a parent upset the parent will calm him or her talking softly or giving a cuddle. They might even use autosuggestion ( mummy kiss it better).


How hypnotherapy might help you.

Therapy starts with the initial consultation. Very often just having the chance to talk to someone on total confidentiality about your problem can help. Analyzing why the problem exists and how it started can be a benefit.

When we have a problem we become stressed, anxious and worried. Hypnotherapy can help us to become more relaxed and you can learn to to relax yourself.

Some times it is the belief in a problem and thinking constantly about it that can perpetuate it. The negative feeling the problem gives us grows and we then feel we can’t change and will never be able to resolve it.

Positive suggestions during hypnosis can make us feel more positive that we can overcome anything. Belief in our self can change our feelings about the problem and ourselves.

The above are general ways that therapy can help. They will relieve most psychological and emotional problems. Therapy can help in many other ways but it depends on the specific problem.