overcome unresolved issues

Overcome Unresolved issues with the help of hypnotherapy

Unresolved issues

Hypnotherapy for unresolved issues and psychological problems.

What are unresolved issues?

Unresolved issues are things that in some way we cannot get over and move on with our life. It can be something that happened to us in the past, something that was said or done to us, something we did or said, anything that plays on our mind and effects our life adversely. This can affect us in so many ways with psychological problems how we feel about ourselves, our relationships with others, our work, in fact every area of our lives.

How can hypnotherapy help with unresolved issues?

Just talking about the issues in total confidence can help us to see things differently and to learn why these things make us feel the way we do.

While so very relaxed in a state of hypnosis we can learn to see things in a different way, help change the negative thoughts to more positive ones and maybe accept those issues and those things that cannot be changed, or maybe change things that can be changed.

Therapies available for unresolved issues.

Therapy 1 – Live hypnotherapy and counselling sessions to relieve unresolved issues

For this therapy, you come to see me in person. The first session lasts for half an hour and is more about counselling, when you have a chance to explore your issues, ask me any questions you may have and see if you feel comfortable. This session is free, and totally confidential and there is no obligation for you to continue with further therapy.

If you decide to return for hypnotherapy I prepare a therapy session based on what has been learned from the first session. A hypnotherapy session lasts for one hour and costs £95.00 any further sessions, if required will be charged at £60.00.

Sometimes clients feel at the end of the first session they would like to continue immediately with either a counselling or a hypnotherapy session. Counselling sessions are charged at £60.00 per hour.

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Therapy 2 –  Online over Teams or Skype hypnotherapy or Counselling to help solve unresolved issue.

Hypnotherapy or counselling session to help you overcome your unresolved issues while in your home surroundings. Please click here for more information

Therapy 3 – Hypnotherapy session on MP3 download, personalised to resolve your specific issues.

personalised hypnotherapy session

A personalised hypnotherapy weight loss program session on Mp3 download.

I will request you to fill in a form letting me know all about your issues. I will then write and record a therapy session to help you to deal with the issues that you have. This can then be downloaded by you easily and burned to CD or play on any mp3 player.

A personalised hypnosis therapy for unresolved issues and psychological problems on MP3 is The fee for this therapy is £115.00.

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