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Hypnotherapy for obsessive thoughts

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

OCD hypnosis therapy.

OCD hypnosis therapy, using hypnotherapy and counselling to overcome obsessive thoughts. Obsessive compulsive disorder is when the sufferer has a compulsion caused by an obsession. The obsession can be of anything but, for example, if the obsession is of cleanliness and making sure there are no germs anywhere this will compel the sufferer to be constantly cleaning or hand washing etc. Other common obsessions are locking doors, switching electrics off, switching taps off and making sure that their job is done to perfection, but the list is endless.

The sufferer will feel that if they should fail to fulfill the compulsive behavior then consequences will be disastrous. This can cause them to develop rituals that they must complete to feel satisfied that all has been done that should be done. These rituals can totally control their lives making overcoming the obsessive compulsive disorder seem almost impossible. They have to clean their house many times during the day, spend hours a day washing their hands over and over again or taking an hour or two to leave the house due to checking many times that everything is done to their satisfaction.

Very often the sufferer has a very low opinion of themselves. The obsessions, compulsions and rituals only make this feeling of self worth worse.

OCD hypnosis therapy can help obsessive compulsive disorders?

Hypnosis can help the sufferer to become more relaxed in their every day life. Through autosuggestion they can change the way they think of things. In that lovely state of relaxation called hypnosis they can learn how to replace their tense and anxious feelings about their obsession with calm and relaxed feelings. They can start to feel more positive. As they start to improve their self worth grows and the healing cycle begins.

Hypnosis OCD therapies available

Therapy 1 – Personal hypnotherapy and counselling for overcoming obsessive thoughts.

This starts with a free half-hour consultation when you tell me about your OCD, when it started and how it makes you feel etc. You can ask any questions you may have and we talk about how I may be able to help you.

There is no obligation to go any further but if you decide to come back for therapy you will receive a full one-hour hypnotherapy session to help you overcome your obsession. The fee for this session is £95.00. If further sessions are required these will be charged at £60.00 each.

Should you wish to continue straight after the first free initial consultation for a counselling session, or hypnotherapy session the fee would be £50.00 and £95.00 respectively.

Phone 07535796707 to book your free consultation session.

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Therapy 2 – Online  Skype or Teams OCD hypnosis therapy to help you cope with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Hypnotherapy,  counselling therapy online  session over Skype or Teams to relieve O.C.D. while relaxing in your living room. please click here for more information


Therapy 3 – A tailored and personalised hypnosis obsessive thoughts downloadable mp3. to help you overcome your obsessive compulsive disorder.

personalised hypnotherapy session

All you have to do is fill in a form which will tell me all about your OCD. I then produce a hypnosis OCD personalised hypnosis session on MP3 especially to help with your OCD. The fee for this therapy on downloadable MP3 is £115.00

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Call 01476 979123 or 07535 796707 for a chat or to book a free initial consultation.

Call 01476 979123 or 07535 796707 for a chat or to book a free initial consultation.