Therapy Sessions.

Live hypnotherapy counselling and psychotherapy sessions.

The Initial Consultation.

Therapy starts with a free initial consultation which will normally last about half an hour. We have a chat about your problem, what may be causing it, how it affects you and what may have started it etc. This gives you a chance to meet me and see if you feel comfortable with me and gives you an opportunity to talk about yourself and how you feel in total confidentiality, which can help enormously.

I will tell you if and how I may be able to help you feel more relaxed and overcome your problem. We can then decide together which is the best way forward for you.

If at the end of this session if you decide to go no further then there is no charge.

Therapy Sessions.

If you decide you would like to come back for a full therapy session I will prepare a session tailored specifically for you that will help you to be more relaxed and to relieve your problem

 When you come back for your first hypnotherapy session we will have time to talk before we start the hypnotherapy. Whilst hypnotised you will be fully conscious and aware, the only thing you will feel is very relaxed.

 This session will last about one hour and the fee for this therapy is £95.00. Should you need to come back for further sessions these are charged at £60.00 each.

For people who would prefer to continue with just counselling. Then I offer this service as well, the fee for this is £50.00 per hour session.

 After the free initial consultation, some clients request to continue straight away with either a counselling session or a hypnotherapy session, if I have time available then this will be for a possible

Call 01476 979123 or 07535 796707 for a chat or to book a free initial consultation.

Call 01476 979123 or 07535 796707 for a chat or to book a free initial consultation.