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how to stop being stressed.

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Below you find how to stop being stressed and remain stress free. Stress is a natural instinctive reaction to pressure being applied to us. Stress can be helpful at times when we need to be alert and perform to our best then hormones are released and our awareness is heightened. The pressure that causes us to be over stressed can come from many areas, ie work, school, relationships, money worries and many more. It is often when we feel we really need to achieve highly. As with all our natural and instinctive emotions and reactions stress can become out of control and make us irritable, angry, anxious, lose concentration and can make us ill.

Almost all of us suffer from being over stressed from time to time and it is no wonder that stress is becoming more prevalent in this modern world were we are judged so much on our achievements and less on the person that we are.

Pressure to achieve starts very young when we are at school and goes on throughout life. It appears you must achieve a high level to be worthwhile or so it seems. It is no surprise then that we can become so accustomed to being over stressed that we feel so all the time. The least little thing can set those hormones racing around our bodies.

 how can hypnotherapy help us to be stress free?

When we are stressed we cannot feel relaxed but the reverse is also true. When we are relaxed we cannot feel stressed. Hypnosis, being deep relaxation, can help us to feel less stressed. Learning how to relax oneself can help to remove stress at all times. Hypnotherapy can help us to learn not to worry about the things that are not worth worrying about and to feel more confident about ourselveWe can learn that when we become stressed over something there are other thoughts we can have that can calm us and help us to feel less stressed.

Therapies available for how to stop being stressed

Therapy 1 – Full live hypnosis and counselling sessions to relieve stress.

Therapy for stress starts with a free half-hour consultation. We have a chat about your tendency to suffer from stress and how I may be able to help you relax and relieve the stress you suffer. I will tell you if and how hypnosis therapy for stress may be able to help you feel more relaxed and less stressed. You can ask me any questions you may have, we can then decide together which is the best way forward for you.

There is no obligation for you to come back for hypnotherapy but should you choose to you will be in control at all times and you will feel very relaxed. The fee for this session is £95.00 and should you need any further sessions they are charged at £60.00.

You may feel at the end of the first free consultation that you would like to continue there and then with a counselling session or even maybe a hypnotherapy session. If this is possible to continue at that time we will do so. The fee for counselling is £50.00 a session.

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Therapy 2 – Online Stress free over Teams or Skype hypnotherapy or Counselling to help you relax and take away stress.

Hypnotherapy or counselling session to help you relieve stress in the privacy of your own home, over Skype or Teams. please click here for more information

Therapy 3 – Personalised hypnotherapy how to stop being stressed MP3.

personalised hypnotherapy session

A tailored and personalized hypnotherapy session to relieve your stress on downloadable mp3.

This therapy is designed to give you as much of the advantages of live hypnotherapy as possible. I do this by recording a hypnotherapy session just for you and your stress problem. The information that I need about your problem to make this recording is gained from you filling in a form about you being over stressed. This gives you an opportunity to tell me all about your stress problem, how it affect you, what causes it, and how you react to it etc.

For fully personalised stress relief hypnotherapy session on mp3 the fee is £115.00.

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Therapy 4 – Instant downloadable over stressed c.d. therapy to help you control stress.

Stress therapy mp3

MP3 £7.80

This relaxing hypnosis therapy for stress session. Can be downloaded now to help you learn how to stop being stressed.

Once you have downloaded the mp3 recording, you can listen to it with an mp3 player or just burn it to c.d. Then you have your hypnotherapy session available for whenever you need help to overcome being over stressed.

This pre-recorded hypnotherapy session will take you into deep relaxation and teach you how to relax. Using autosuggestion whilst hypnotised your subconscious can learn to help you see things in a different way, instead of becoming stressed, you can remain calm and relaxed