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Hypnotherapy and Counselling over Teams or Skype

Online Hypnotherapy Counselling and Psychotherapy over Teams or Skype


The benefits of hypnotherapy and counselling over Teams or Skype.

 Using Skype therapy to conduct hypnotherapy or counselling sessions can be very effective these days. Over the last few years, the quality of Teams and Skype and the connections have improved greatly.

It can enable you to receive therapy while in the comfort of your own home, although for some people face to face, one to one counselling or hypnotherapy is the optimum, others can find this intimidating and uncomfortable. You can choose whether to have video contact in addition to audio or audio only, once again this depends on the individual and what best suits them. It is my belief that everyone that comes to see me or contacts me for therapy has one thing in common, the need to take control of something in their life and therefore they must be in control of therapy. It is their choice which therapy they choose, including whether to have video contact or not if using Skype.

 For some people it is very important to keep their anonymity and Skype can be very beneficial for this. Or, you may live in a country where it is difficult to find an English-speaking counsellor or Hypnotherapist and Skype can help here too. Although in general I would say that one to one counselling and hypnotherapy in person is the best type of therapy that is available, in many cases it is easier to talk when you are sitting comfortably at home rather than being in an office or someone else’s living room. For these people therapy over Skype is ideal.

Skype sessions and fees.

A 30 minute initial consultation is free.

Hypnotherapy sessions will last for about an hour and are £95.00 per session.

Counselling sessions can be booked for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. The fee for Skype counselling is £50.00 per 60 minutes. 

If you would like to ask a question or book a session please use the link below or call me on 07535796707.

Or to book your free initial appointment online click here.